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Jhey Castles is an actor, writer, singer/song writer, avid hacky-sac player, and Star Wars nerd. An award winning competitive figure skater and classical pianist since the age of 6, Jhey has devoted her life to entertaining. You may recognize her from her extensive commercial work as a spokesperson for Mercury Insurance, Simone Biles' bestie in Candid, taking on the Ihop trolls with the Bobsey Twins from Homicide and Wes Andersons DP Robert Yeoman in a meta Ihob quip, or joking around with Buster Posey in Esurance, and many more commercial's Nationally and internationally.
As a film actress she has traveled to Bulgaria, Istanbul, Italy, and all over the country to indulge her craft. You can catch her on the SYFY channel sharing the screen with John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones) & Adrian Paul (Highlander) in Apocalypse Pompeii, showing off her witchy side in Hansel vs Gretel, battling the 'big one' to save her family in San Andreas Quake,  and once again leading the charge in End of The World. Jhey debut her dark side in the October 2020 released lifetime channel movie, The Pom Pom Murders ... "Building this character was the best combination of intense emotional abandon and sociopathic charm." -Jhey
Also an accomplished musician, she can be found performing all over Los Angeles (pre-pandemic) with her full band, Jhey & The Whee, belting out original tunes, and strumming her ukulele at the famous Kibitz Room, Hotel cafe, Cody's Viva Cantina, Molly Malone's, and more.
"I have joyously devoted my life to the unique experience of helping people be entertained, and laugh. Even, and especially, at my own expense." 
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