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Mariska Hargitay meets Kristen Wiig; Endless prolific wit, with spunky inventive intensity.
Peter Kallinteris Agency
Peter Kallinteris -Theatrical

1483 N Gower St Box 69

Los Angeles, CA90018
T: 310.849.2771

Ferrari Talent

Rick Ferrari-Commercial


Kathy Muller Agency (HI)
Joy Kam -Theatrical

619 Kapahulu Ave.

P.H. Honolulu, HI 96815
T: 808.737.7917 

What People are Saying...
"Jhey Castles is an absolute dream to work with. She is prepared, focused, and completely committed to doing a great job with whatever she has been given to do. She is also an extremely talented and accomplished actor and a pleasure to work with on set."

-Dylan vox



“I have had the good fortune of employing and working with Jhey Castles in two of my shows, one a rock opera, Hunky Dory, and the other a musical, Wake Not The Dead. As a creative producer, working with creative people, I enjoy working with entertainers who are both professional and 100% committed to their role. I've always found that Jhey and her quadruple threat talent embody this. I love her work ethic and her stage presence. She is amazing and well on her way to stardom and box office success.”

-Mario Melendez

Producer/Owner King King Hollywood



“Apocalypse Pompeii was a challenging film, filled with action and emotion, shooting across several countries. Jhey was the center of it all. She brought a level of professionalism to the set and heart to her performance so that every day of shooting was a joy with her. Jhey really rose to the occasion and she brought her character to life in a dynamic, exciting way. I can't wait to work with her again.”

-Ben Demaree




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